What is Power Mesh Fabric? Jun 14, 2022

What is Power Mesh Fabric?

01 Introduction about power mesh fabric.

Mesh fabric originally used as part of the protective clothing for knights. It didn’t gain popularity as a fashion fabric until the 1980s.

Power mesh is a synthetic fabric with the appearance of soft, sheer netting which made from a nylon/spandex blend making it have really good stretch. Power mesh is usually a nylon and spandex blend. Sometimes it can be polyester and spandex. It can also be made from silk or rayon, but those are less common.

Stretch mesh fabric is another name for power mesh. Not only is it super stretchy, but it hasexcellent recovery, meaning it can bounce back to its original shape. So much so, it has also become a firm favorite for activewear and swimwear.

There is a selection of different weights ranging from extremely lightweight to heavy. Power mesh is sheer netting. It’s not designed to keep you warm in the same way as wool or fleece. Although it comes in different thicknesses, its main function is shaping and support. In a word, this fabric can contour to the shape of your body, helping to disguise any lumpy bits.

02 The Characteristics of power mesh.

From fishing nets to sportswear, power mesh is a versatile material. Let’s take a look at some of the key

characteristics of the fabric.


Although power mesh is synthetic fabric, it is breathable. The mesh allows heat to escape and any moisture can evaporate through the holes. This means you won’t feel clammy like you do with polyester fabric.

It can also help you keep cool in warm weather. One of the reasons it’s a good fabric for sportswear is it can wick away moisture. This helps take heat away from your body and helps you cool down.

●Ease of Care

Power mesh is a delicate fabric. It can snag easily if you wash it with other garments that have zippers or buttons. Wash power net garments separately or with other delicate items.

If your power mesh is a synthetic blend, it won’t tolerate too much heat. Avoid the dryer and make sure you allow your clothing to air dry. It dries quickly, so it will be ready to wear in no time.

●Stretchy and Excellent Recovery

Power mesh is a synthetic fabric is made from a nylon/spandex blend making it have really good stretch which allows for full range of motion, making it great for both high and low impact exercise.

Power mesh has excellent recovery, meaning it can bounce back to its original shape and retains its shape and doesn’t lose its elasticity.

03 The usage of power mesh fabric.

Power mesh has several uses. From fishing nets to bee-keeping masks, you’ll find power mesh in different weights in all sorts of places. That’s the key with power mesh. The weight of the fabric and the size of the knitted mesh determine what it can be used for.


Not only is power mesh for an everyday bra but it is also great for lining a sports bra or adding decorative elements to your pattern. Power mesh conforms to the natural contours of you body which lends itself to being very comfortable for active women. You can easily use the same power mesh to make matching sportswear for your sports bra. Such as leggings, shorts and tops.


Power mesh is often used for the bra band also referred to as the bra band wings. It is a great choice for bra making because of its great recovery characteristics and it comes in lightweight varieties while maintaining breathability. These are both necessary characteristics when selecting fabric for bra making.


Power mesh is also used for shapewear because of its 4 way stretch properties and smooth finish. It smooths out the silhouette when worn beneath the clothing in a flattering manner because it provides contouring to the body’s shape. The characteristic of smoothing out the natural contours makes it great as an undergarment. You will often see power mesh used in figure control garments such as control-top pantyhose and control slips.Due to its breathability it is perfect for this use as it does not retain sweat/perspiration.

04 Conclusion

Power mesh fabric is a versatile stretchy fabric which is perfect for a whole host of projects. Soft, smooth, and super stretchy, it’s comfortable and easy to wear. Add some power mesh to your wardrobe for durable style and a touch of elegance.

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