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  • The Best Swimsuit Fabric, For You
    Jun 29.2022 The Best Swimsuit Fabric, For You
    The Best Swimsuit Fabric, For You 01 Leading The best swimsuit fabric is a topic of hot debate in the fashion world. But the truth is that there really aren’t a ton of options. Let’s discuss some of the different options for swim fabrics. This post will cover the common materials, and their uses & characteristics. We also dig into weights, compositions, textures and the sustainability of swimwear fabrics. Selecting the right swimsuit material for your needs will be easy after this! 02 Different Types of Swimsuit Fabrics ● Polyester Swimsuit Fabric Blends You’ll find polyester blends mostly amongst competitive swimwear. Polyester swimwear fabrics, blended with Lycra (or spandex), have the greatest level of durability. Qualities of Polyester Swimwear Fabric Pros Cons Durable and colorfast Resistant to chlorine and UV light Easy to launder and holds its shape well Moisture resistant Quality may suffer depending on the blend of polyester Not environmentally friendly or sustainable Polyester, like nylon, is a popular choice in swimwear, soft yet strong, and with the added advantage of chlorine and UV resistance. It’s usually blended with spandex to add some figure-flattering stretch. The price of polyester is relatively cheaper than nylon. ● Nylon Swimwear Fabric Blends The nylon spandex swimsuit fabrics are some of the most popular. This is mostly due to its super soft feel and its ability to have a glossy or satin sheen. Qualities of nylon Swimwear Fabric Pros Cons Durable and easy to launder Soft and comfortable to wear High elasticity giving ample flexibility Not UV resistant Easily damaged by chlorine Can’t be printed on due to a tendency for color to bleed Nylon is one of the most popular choices for swimwear. It’s waterproof, quick-drying, durable, stretchable, soft hand feeling, and is easy to care for. 03 What’s the best fabric for swimwear? The best swimsuit fabric is the one that makes the most sense for your needs. Personally, the best fabric for swimwear is a stretchy synthetic with chlorine and UV resistance. Knowing what to look for will help you choose your fabric with greater confidence.


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