The Introduction Of Dri Fit Jersey Fabric Jul 15, 2022

The Introduction Of Dri Fit Jersey Fabric

01 What is Dri-Fit material?

In actuality, dri fit is a high-performance polyester fabric made of microfibers that transports perspiration from the body and onto the fabric surface, where it evaporates. Dri-FIT thus keeps athletes dry and at ease. Numerous Nike goods, including shirts, socks, pants, shorts, sweatshirts, sleeves, hats, gloves, and more, include Dri-FIT technology.

The official word "Dri-fit" was coined by Nike to describe its athletic t-shirts. However, term is now frequently used to describe polyester clothing that swiftly wicks away perspiration, keeping the wearer cool and dry when engaging in outdoor activities.

02 Types of Dri Fit Materials We Offer

The various dri-fit materials that we stock for your t-shirt printing needs are listed below. Under our custom manufactured goods, the various fabric types listed in this article can be tailored into roundneck t-shirts, polo t-shirts, long and short sleeved shirts, and many more customization possibilities.

1. Microfibre Eyelet T-Shirt

There is a good probability that one of the t-shirts you've ever received was made of microfibre eyelet t-shirt material if you attended any events, school camps, or athletic events.

  • Quick drying for outdoor use keeps user dry and comfortable.
  • Airy and soft to keep the wearer cool.
  • The most extensive color palette
  • The most affordable of all the dri-fit polyester materials we provide
  • Mini-Eyelet is one of our most adaptable fabrics, ideal for all printing techniques other than DTG printing.

For activities, especially outdoors, t-shirts frequently have microfibre eyelet fabrics. The rapid dry feature is also occasionally employed for polo t-shirts and business uniforms, where it is widely appreciated.

2. Mini-Mesh T-Shirt (Eyelet)

Microfibre mini-mesh fabric, as the name suggests, is almost identical to ordinary eyelet fabric but with tiny eyelets. Mini-eyelet material is the way to choose for your personalised t-shirts if you find the giant eyelets an eyesore but still enjoy the feel of conventional eyelet t-shirts.

  • Quick drying for outdoor use keeps user dry and comfortable.
  • Airy and soft to keep the wearer cool.
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Generally the most affordable dri-fit polyester fabrics we offer
  • Mini-Eyelet is one of our most adaptable fabrics, ideal for all printing techniques other than DTG printing.

Mini-mesh clothing is often used in similar ways to normal microfibre eyelet t-shirts. Activities outside, polo t-shirts for work uniforms, etc.

3. Melange Jersey T-Shirt

It seems familiar. This heather pattern is undoubtedly familiar to you from name-brand athletic t-shirts. Our melange jersey cloth is elastic, breathable, soft, and exceptionally comfortable, despite not being precisely the same.

  • Quick dry for outdoors, keeping user cool and dry.
  • Extra Soft for comfort
  • Premium quality feel

The finest applications for melange jersey t-shirts include sports and demanding outdoor activities. The body can move freely and with ease when wearing this cloth.

4. Microfibre Pique (PK) T-Shirt

Even though it is less popular than the other materials on our list, it has a premium appearance, resembling standard honeycomb polo t-shirt material and exhibiting the wonderful properties of a polyester-based material, such as light weight and quick drying. Golf polo t-shirts made of this microfiber pique fabric are commonly available.

  • Look premium
  • For polo t-shirts, smart casual
  • Fast drying to keep the user cool

03 How to choose the proper dri fit material?

You must take the following aspects into account while choosing the best material for your requirements.


If you want to cut expenses on orders for large quantities, a few pennies can go a long way. If the order is for more than 200 pieces, we would suggest the microfibre eyelet material because it is typically the least expensive of those mentioned above. Under the category of dri-fit roundneck t-shirts in our supplier's ready stock selection is microfiber eyelet material as well.


searching for the most comfortable and well-fitting material. The mini-interlock material or the melange jersey are both highly suggested. Due to their increased softness and little elasticity to provide room, both are appropriate for demanding sports requiring high levels of movement.


Different sorts of dri fit material will suit you based on your needs depending on the purpose of the shirt. Microfibre eyelet material might be the most affordable option if you want to distribute shirts for events.

Most of the dri-fit materials mentioned above will function flawlessly for outdoor activities. In our opinion, some people are better suited than others for a particular activity or function.

04 Here’s a short summary

  • Microfibre Eyelet–Generic all purpose, widest range of colours.
  • Minimesh Eyelet–If you don’t like the large eyelet holes.
  • Melange Jersey–Premium feel, more elasticity.
  • Microfibre PK–Polo t-shirts, honeycomb look.

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